There are many criteria that show the success of a company. Of course the obvious is profitability. A company's success can also be measured by its change over time, or its innovative products it has developed. These are vital, but there is another important measure that we are responsible for, which is our Social Responsibility.

A socially responsible institution has to adopt and implement voluntary business practices and investments that support social goals to improve community well-being and protect the environment.

The KARADENIZ ÖRME COMPANIES GROUP, acting ethically and responsibly against suppliers and cooperating companies, does share their social responsibilities with them in every environment they operate. It has been the goal of Social Responsibility to continue to work for customers, employees, managers, the environment and society in the most efficient and efficient manner and aim to continuously improve.

As KARADENİZ ÖRME COMPANIES GROUP, we are aware of our Social Responsibility;

  • Protecting the natural environment;
  • To contribute to the welfare of society and to support education, health, sports and arts activities;
  • Respect the fundamental rights and freedoms of our employees;
  • To provide quality and safe products considering our customers' preferences;
  • To value our young people and invest in them;
  • We are conducting our work within the framework of the Principles.