Since 1970, Karadeniz Örme Textile has started its commercial activities with retail business. Evaluating the demands in the textile industry and directing the field of activity from the yarn fabric trade, to production. Knitted fabric factory took its place among the best firms in the industry. Following the developments of the sector and expanding its fields of activity, it formed a group of companies with tourism-hotel, construction and energy investments.
We started construction investments with the hotes in our group company. After completing the construction of our estates, we undertook housing and shopping mall projects. Our project "YALI ATAKOY" has become one of the popular housing projects of Turkey. After doing business and process analysis in our projects, we aim to make efficient and result oriented projects by making breakthroughs.
Our Group Company, which makes measurements in every region of Turkey in the energy sector, plans to invest energy in the near future by expanding its fields of activity. Our company, which builds buildings that produce its own energy within the green building of the hospitality sector, attaches importance to the environmental pollution and is one of the companies that now has green energy activity.
We started our export activities by establishing Mode Milan company in Europe. Our company, which wants to continue its continuous quality standarts in Europe and continues to increase its investments in Poland in textile and construction field.
Karadeniz Örme Group has engaged in Turkey with Radisson Blu, one of the leading global companies of the world. With this engagement we aimed to create employment in Tourism sector of our country.
Our objective with continuous quality understanding is to provide efficient and profitable projects for a better future by creating employment and income as a global company in Turkey and in the world as Karadeniz Örme Companies Group.