KARADENİZ ÖRME GROUP OF THE COMPANIES Vision and Mission to fit, hard working, honest, customer satisfaction is the priority, Individuals who are given up for their personal goals and are not able to develop are already well advised to get along with us.
We should not support our human resources in training and attending to adaptation life, We aim to add value to our skills.
We are operating; We believe that we will be able to sign more successful services together with them by opening up the talented young people who want to make a career in Textile, Tourism Hotel Management, Construction and Energy sectors.

All investments of KARADENIZ ÖRME GROUP OF THE COMPANIES, which is branded with our national and international growth strategies and our understanding of quality and our unconditional customer and employee satisfaction, create brand new enthusiasm and job opportunities for qualified candidates.

• Qualifications
• Equality
• Career
• Assurance
• Neutrality
• Succession training
• Management development

He regards his principles as an essential duty to pass on a life within the framework of working peace and working principles of KARADENİZ ÖRME.

If you want to be a member of our family, you can take an important step in your career by sending your resume.
Being a worker in KARADENİZ ÖRME will be your source of pride, your difference and your privilege.
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