Karadeniz Örme
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About Us

Karadeniz Örme Industry and Foreign Trade Company Inc, the first company of Karadeniz Örme Corporate Group, was established by AKAYDIN Family in 1979, in İstanbul. However the first step towards the textile sector was taken by Mehmet Naci Akaydın in 1970, when he started the wholesale and retail marketing of textile products in Akaydın Textile in Trabzon. Our company, which has always adopted the principle of 'continuous quality' throughout the services it offers through its expert staff, was only engaged in the "yarn and fabric trade" at first. Later, the company expanded its operation field with the investments it made in "Knitted fabric production" and then in the "Tourism and Hotel Management" sectors. Finally the company became a CORPORATE GROUP with the new organisations it established in parallel with its activities.

At home and abroad, our group sells various kinds of knitted fabrics it manufactures in its mill, which is located on an area of 10,000 sqm in Yenibosna, İstanbul and which has an annual capacity of 4,000,000 kg of various circular knitted fabrics. The group also maintains it successful activities in fabric trade in several European countries via the existing "Mode Milano SPZOO", in Europe. With 71 knitting machines we have                                                        in our new facility in Yenibosna and with our partners, whom we                                                        work with in contract manufacturing, we can manufacture all kinds                                                        of kinitted fabrics. We also sell raw and dyed fabrics.                                                       We've been engaged in the sales and in contract manufacturing also                                                       with our jacquard and ring machines. The amount of our monthly                                                       production, carried out by our own machines, is around 400 tons. We                                                       have the system that can deal with and deliver  the tonnage orders very                                                                    fast. Best price, fast and high quality production                                                                                                           is our basic law.